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  4. 7(105)'2012
  5. Analysis of the measurements in nonlinear dynamical systems

Analysis of the measurements in nonlinear dynamical systems

Yu.P. Machehin, Yu.S. Kurskoy
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The authors develop the measurement model for dynamical parameters of nonlinear dynamical systems. The stability of dynamical parameters was researched, as a prerequisite for an use of measurements for predict of system dynamic. The necessity of creating new, non-classical analysis tools of measurement results was showed. The new model of analysis includes: recovery phase portrait computation: fractal dimension and embedding dimension, Lyapunov exponents and the Kolmogorov-Sinay entropy. Expressions are derived to identify the key characteristics of the system, taking into account the measurement uncertainty of the dynamic variable.
Keywords: a nonlinear dynamic system, an uncertainty of measurement, an analysis of results, a fractal dimension, Lyapunov exponents, Kolmogorov-Sinai entropy
Machekhyn, Yu.P. and Kurskoi, Yu.S. (2012), "Analyz rezultatov yzmerenyi v nelyneinыkh dynamycheskykh systemakh" , Information Processing Systems, Vol. 7(105), pp. 117-122.