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Characteristics technology management computer network

U.I. Losev, K.M.Rukkas, S.I. Shmatkov,Mohammad Salameh Ibrahem Arabiat
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Description: A mathematical model of computer as the control object, which takes into account the processes of gathering information about the network, processing the information control of the state of the network and its elements. It is shown that the optimal management of a computer network is a non-linear and stochastic problem. Proposition model is able to take into account the allocation of network resources for solving problems of governance that allows to evaluate the effectiveness of different management strategies for computer networks.

Keywords: computer network, computer network control, mathematical model

 Losev, Yu.Y., Rukkas, K.M., Shmatkov, S.Y. and Mokhamed Salame Abrakhym Arabyat, (2012), “Kharakterystyka tekhnolohyy upravlenyia kompiuternoi setiu”, Information Processing Systems, Vol. 7(105), pp. 207-210.