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  4. 7(105)'2012
  5. Productivity analysis in a self-similar network load

Productivity analysis in a self-similar network load

T.A. Radivilova
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A method of queuing in communication centers, switching types of information flows in computer networks, routing methods and intensity control incoming traffic. The mathematical model of self-similar traffic, which allows the simulation of a given size of buffer memory and bandwidth. Based on the described model was simulation, which shows the ability to manage data flows, which come to be processed by a communication. The described approach is based on determining the maximum permissible load channel by monitoring incoming traffic.
Keywords: self-similar data traffic, traffic patterns, simulation, computer network
Radyvylova, T.A. (2012), "Analyz produktyvnosty sety v uslovyiakh samopodobnoi nahruzky" , Information Processing Systems, Vol. 7(105), pp. 211-215.