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About new collective models of functioning of cage

Yu.M. Fedyushko, L.N. Mikhaylova
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The paper shows that the model for a single cell (including taking into account the effects of non-locality) under the influence of monochromatic and pulsed fields presented equations with random forces in the form of maps that take into account the non-locality in a position to take into account the emergence of new quasi-stationary states under the influence of an external electromagnetic field depending on its characteristics and analyze the changes in the structure of the phase space of the set of cells, depending on the parameters of the radiation.
Keywords: model of functioning of cage, parameters of radiation
Fediushko, Yu.M. and Mykhailova, L.N. (2012), "O novыkh kollektyvnыkh modeliakh funktsyonyrovanyia kletky" , Information Processing Systems, Vol. 7(105), pp. 234-236.