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  4. 8(106)'2012
  5. The search algorithm relevant documents in information systems

The search algorithm relevant documents in information systems

S.V. Znakhur, O.Y. Miziak
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Investigated the possibility of building an information retrieval system, namely, its algorithms indexing, searching and ranking data. The algorithms of the search of competitive systems, their advantages and disadvantages. Presented method, which is to create a mechanism, based on three search algorithms. Weighted zone ranking algorithm improves overall relevance to the documents in which the query terms are in certain areas. Ranking algorithm is based on the frequency of the occurrence date to calculate the relevance depending on the frequency of query term in the document and in the whole collection. The algorithm next term is to find the most relevant terms for each other. The combination of these algorithms enhances the efficiency of the search for different information needs.
Keywords: ranking, relevance, indexing, term, the search engine, the document, the token, algorithm
Znakhur, S.V. and Miziak, O.Yu. (2012), "Alhorytmy poshuku relevantnykh dokumentiv u informatsiinykh merezhakh" , Information Processing Systems, Vol. 8(106), pp. 20-23.