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  4. 8(106)'2012
  5. Development of rich internet applications using JavaFX

Development of rich internet applications using JavaFX

Y.E. Parfyonov, V.M. Fedorchenko
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Description: In the paper JavaFX - a new Java-based platform for GUI design is considered. The main characteristics of the platform and the benefits of its using are highlighted. The differences of the platform from Swing tools are discussed. We considered the architecture and described environment of JavaFX, considered the features of the Java API for JavaFX, implementation of the JavaFX GUI and the graphics system. Multi-threading and the event system were analyzed. The functionality of the JavaFX platform in terms of media, 2D/3D animation and basic controls, characteristic of the development environment are mentioned.

Keywords: graphical user interface, platform, scene graph, 2D/3D animation, Java API, JDK, SDK, Web component, control, markup language, threads, events, cascading, style sheets, software rendering, container classes, layout

 Parfenov, Yu.Э. and Fedorchenko, V.N. (2012), “Razrabotka «nasыshchennыkh» ynternet-prylozhenyi s pomoshchiu JavaFX”, Information Processing Systems, Vol. 8(106), pp. 40-46.