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  4. 8(106)'2012
  5. Development of left ventricular simulation algorithm

Development of left ventricular simulation algorithm

A.O. Matviychuk
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Modeling of left ventricular aneurysm was examined in the article. A method for calculation of volume parameters cicatricial affection of the left ventricle according to the two-dimensional echocardiography and ventriculography data. The software for calculation of size and location of left ventricular postinfarction aneurysm was developed. It should be used for improvement approach and volume after aneurysm removal. This development will improve the quality and performance of functional diagnostics office.
Keywords: aneurysm, left ventricle
Matviichuk, A.O. (2012), "Rozrobka alhorytmu modeliuvannia livoho shlunochka sertsia" , Information Processing Systems, Vol. 8(106), pp. 139-142.