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  4. 8(106)'2012
  5. Method of concordance of expert data

Method of concordance of expert data

V.I. Plotkin, E.V. Ogurtsova, O.V. Vilhivska
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Description: The method, which allows to obtain rapid coordination of the expert data presented as matrix of pair comparison, is considered. It is based on the features of mathematical structure of matrix of pair comparison using of T. Saati birth-certificate. The method allows to automatize the process of search of the coordinated decisions. Can be used in automated systems, local expert in the analysis of various processes, including economic (eg, evaluation of firm managers, staff, e-business, etc.), in the training of expert systems, knowledge testing, multi-agent systems, training, etc.

Keywords: the matrix of pairwise comparisons, the scale of T. Saaty, expert systems, data consistency, the vector of relative priorities, the normalization of the main eigenvector, transitivity elements of judgment, rank, eigenvalues of the matrix

 Plotkyn, V.Y., Ohurtsova, E.V. and Vylkhyvskaia, O.V. (2012), “Metodyka sohlasovanyia эkspertnыkh dannыkh”, Information Processing Systems, Vol. 8(106), pp. 146-148.