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  4. 8(106)'2012
  5. Social network for learning support at the university

Social network for learning support at the university

O.V. Shcherbakov, G.A. Shcherbyna
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Description: The article analyzes the existing methods for increasing the efficiency of the educational process on the basis of information technology. Considered an innovative approach to improving the quality of education through the application of social network in the learning process. The idea of this approach allows students during independent work remotely consult and exchange of experience on issues of academic disciplines, to receive answers to questions, motivates students to in-depth study of the educational material. The conclusions about the feasibility of implementing the proposed approach to the educational process of the university.

Keywords: social network, the learning process, information technology, quality education

 Shcherbakov, O.V. and Shcherbyna, H.A. (2012), “Sotsialna merezha dlia pidtrymky navchalnoho protsesu u VNZ”, Information Processing Systems, Vol. 8(106), pp. 159-162.