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  4. 9(107)'2012
  5. Artificial immune network for time series prediction

Artificial immune network for time series prediction

N.M. Korablev, G.S. Ivaschenko
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This paper proposes a combined method of time series prediction using artificial immune systems. Considered a model based on artificial immune network and the case based reasoning method. Evaluation of the effectiveness the model is made by a comparative analysis, the results of experimental research demonstrate the features of the proposed approach.
Keywords: prognostication, temporal row, conclusion on precedents, artificial immune systems, antibody, antigen, cloning, mutation
Korablёv, N.M. and Yvashchenko, H.S. (2012), "Prymenenye yskusstvennыkh ymmunnыkh setei dlia prohnozyrovanyia vremennыkh riadov" , Information Processing Systems, Vol. 9(107), pp. 42-45.