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  5. Hierarchical fuzzy-probabilistic model for risk-management

Hierarchical fuzzy-probabilistic model for risk-management

A.N. Vlasenko, Y.I. Kucherenko
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In the paper considered the problem of analysis of incomplete, inaccurate and contradictory information in the field of risk management by using fuzzy logic and probabilistic approach for reasoning. Proposed modification of the hierarchical TakagiSugeno knowledge-oriented fuzzy inference system with the fuzzy-probabilistic local submodels.
Keywords: risk management, fuzzy logic, hierarchical systems
Vlasenko, A.N. and Kucherenko, E.Y. (2013), "Yerarkhycheskaia nechetko-veroiatnostnaia model v zadachakh upravlenyia ryskamy" , Information Processing Systems, Vol. 1(108), pp. 145-149.