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  5. Performance indicators system control of computer network

Performance indicators system control of computer network

U.I. Losev, K.M. Rukkas, S.I. Shmatkov, Mohammad Salameh Ibrahem Arabiat
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Developed performance indicator management system computer network. It is shown that the efficiency of processing management and delivery should be evaluated based on the results of growth in the presence of network performance management with respect to its efficiency of no control, provided that the required quality of service. Illustrates the necessity and possibility of accounting for the management of the value of the information.
Keywords: computer network, computer efficiency network control, mathematical model
Losev, Yu.Y., Rukkas, K.M., Shmatkov, S.Y. and Mokhamed Salame Abrakhym Arabyat, (2013), "Pokazatel эffektyvnosty systemы upravlenyia kompiuternoi setiu" , Information Processing Systems, Vol. 1(108), pp. 204-207.