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  4. 2(109)'2013
  5. The analysis of reporting facilities in information systems

The analysis of reporting facilities in information systems

I.V. Il’inа, O.A. Kravtsov
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The article is devoted to certain problems of the analysis of development tools and generating of reports in the IS, and the analysis the possibilities of the tools that is used to the construction of reports. Each of the development tools is distinguished by extremely styles variability and multiplicity of methods of design and generating of the reports.The paper dwells on certain theoretical aspects and methodical approaches to the processes of the reports creating and editing, that you have to watch out for when using the reporting facilities in IS.
Keywords: platform .NET, language C #, information system (IS), database, generator of the report, information technologies, software, Win Forms
Ilina, I.V. and Kravtsov, O.O. (2013), "Analiz zasobiv heneratsii zvitiv v informatsiinykh systemakh" , Information Processing Systems, Vol. 2(109), pp. 131-133.