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  5. Modeling of material flow in production logistics

Modeling of material flow in production logistics

A.I. Sukhomlinov
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The paper formulates requirements for material flow model for use in the design and development of logistics information systems. The paper developed a model of material flow that meets the established requirements. The proposed model of material flow introduces terms such as the structure and volume of material flow, stream function of production facilities, operations on material flow (merger, separation, redirects, and others). The proposed model is not tied to specific industries and is common for production logistics. In developing the model was used the theory of multisets.
Keywords: production logistics, logistics information system, material flow, the amount of material flow, the structure of the material flow, multiset, streaming functions, operations on material flow
Sukhomlinov, A.I. (2013), "Modeliuvannia materialnoho potoku u vyrobnychii lohistytsi" , Information Processing Systems, Vol. 2(109), pp. 294-298.