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  5. Measurement as an elementary act of cognition

Measurement as an elementary act of cognition

V.P. Chalyy
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The article is devoted to philosophical-interpretative and applied aspects of the true value concept and uncertainty concept in measurement. Considering the measurement process as an elementary act of cognition, the author made an attempt on a basis of the most common philosophical concepts and definitions to clarify the basic principles of measurement to compare two approaches to the evaluation of the quality of a measurement result: - the classic approach (CA) (or the concept of error), and a new approach - the concept of uncertainty (UA).
Keywords: metrology, measurement, error, uncertainty, gnosiology, object, subject
Chalyi, V.P. (2013), "Yzmerenye kak эlementarnыi akt poznanyia" , Information Processing Systems, Vol. 3(110), pp. 20-24.