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  5. Basics princips of unmeasureable measuring

Basics princips of unmeasureable measuring

Yu. P. Machekhin
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In this work the problem of searching the conditions when it’s possible to carry out measurements in self-regulating systems, is set. In such systems there is a mode when for final time the system restores the steady condition after it was influenced by disturbance. The paper shows that it’s possible to construct the theory of measurement for quantities without mathematical description using the qualitative theory of the differential equations which allows to describe nature of nonlinear dynamic systems behavior.
Keywords: nonlinear dynamic systems, stable state, time of returning
Machekhyn, Yu.P. (2013), "Bazovыe pryntsypы yzmerenyia neyzmeriaemoho" , Information Processing Systems, Vol. 3(110), pp. 191-193.