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  4. 4(111)'2013
  5. The matrix method of estimation the error influence

The matrix method of estimation the error influence

N.A. Pustovoitov, O.V. Samoilichenko
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Description: The matrix method for solving the problem of estimation the influence of parametric excitation on the action of autonomous dynamic system is given. The received approximate analytical relation between the matrix spectrum and elements of matrix of system of coefficient solves the assigned task for parameters of wide nature, firstly, connected with uncertainty of measurement and manufacturing tolerances. The method implementation is given in an example of linearized dynamic system.

Keywords: parametric systems, error, matrix, proper matrix value, perturbation method

Pustovoitov, M.O. and Samoilichenko, O.V. (2013), “Matrychnyi metod otsiniuvannia vplyvu pokhybok”, Information Processing Systems, Vol. 4(111), pp. 32-35.