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  4. 7(114)'2013
  5. Use of grid-system in researching linear block codes

Use of grid-system in researching linear block codes

S.D. Vinnichuk, A.N. Davydenko, S.Ya. Hilgurt, A.S. Potenko
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In order to create noise-eliminating digital error control systems, an approach is proposed based on some methods to reduce compute intensiveness of algorithms of finding the generating matrices on the one hand and Grid-systems as a high-performance computing tool on the other hand. To fulfill computations, the resources of the Ukraine National Grid were used. The analysis of results has discovered a rule, which allows much more reducing the computation amount during further search for practically useful block codes.
Keywords: linear block code, Hamming distance, fast algorithm, Grid
Vynnychuk, S.D., Davydenko, A.N., Hylhurt, S.Ya. and Potenko, A.S. (2013), "Prymenenye hryd-systemы pry yssledovanyy lyneinыkh blokovыkh kodov" [Use of grid-system in researching linear block codes], Information Processing Systems, Vol. 7(114), pp. 61-64.