Analysis of 3d-imagery simulators

V.R. Roganov
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Nowadays development of 3D-indicators for the imitators of visual situation for simulators of vehicle drivers turns into urgent problem. Especially demanded are devices able to design the 3D image of knowable actual mobile and immobile objects in circumference of the vehicle in the real world. Quality of design of simulated 3D images must be sufficient for the professional training of measurement with naked eye for vehicle driver. In the article most widespread 3D-indicators are analyzed and the ways of their improvement are offered.
Keywords: 3D-imagery simulator, stereomonitor, system for 3D-image simulation, imitator of visual situation, quality of design of visualized 3D- objects
Rohanov, V.R. (2013), "Analyz ustroistv modelyruiushchykh trёkhmernыe yzobrazhenyia" [Analysis of 3D-imagery simulators], Information Processing Systems, Vol. 7(114), pp. 101-106.