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  4. 7(114)'2013
  5. Visual environment simulator for exercisers of train drivers

Visual environment simulator for exercisers of train drivers

V.R. Roganov, A.A. Kazantsev, I.A. Bajateva
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Advances in the development of software and hardware computer graphics led to the commandment of the belief that we solve the problem of modeling of virtual reality. With regard to the locomotive driver training simulators. Virtual reality simulation is often understood visually observed three-dimensional image space surrounding the cabin layout with the driver placed in him moving and stationary object models . The euphoria of success machine synthesis of images has led to the statements that the task of creating a visual environment simulators for such simulators solved. It is often assumed that it is sufficient to model on the screen in front of the observer view from the cockpit windows , complementing its mobile textures obtained after processing video sequences filmed a video camera while driving a locomotive on a selected portion of the path. The authors , having studies have shown that the approach described is a necessary but not always sufficient condition for the development of simulators, visual conditions of the locomotive simulator. The article provides a mathematical tool that can be applied to assess the imitators of simulators, including simulator visual conditions of the locomotive in order to assess their ability to form professional management skills locomotive.
Keywords: visuаl indicators, simulators, educational complex
Rohanov, V.R., Kazantsev, A.A. and Baiateva, Y.A. (2013), "Ymytatorы vyzualnoi obstanovky dlia trenazhёrov mashynystov lokomotyvov" [Visual environment simulator for exercisers of train drivers], Information Processing Systems, Vol. 7(114), pp. 135-138.