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  4. 8(115)'2013
  5. Automate model of a sensor network node

Automate model of a sensor network node

A.I. Levterov, P.A. Plakhteyev
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Description: A model of the sensor network mode in a from of a set of automats is being considered. A transition graph is being transformed into convenient for software implementation form. An estimation of resources consumption for typical program modules developed in different environments has been performed. The program implementation of automate model has verified with microcontroller platform simulator.

Keywords: network node, protocol, state, automata model, transition graph

 Levterov, A.Y. and Plakhteev, P.A. (2013), “Avtomatnaia model uzla sensornoi sety” [Automate model of a sensor network node], Information Processing Systems, Vol. 8(115), pp. 69-73.