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  4. 8(115)'2013
  5. Radio-signals detection theory development. fundamentals of energy detection

Radio-signals detection theory development. fundamentals of energy detection

G.V. Pevtsov, A.Ya. Yatsutsenko, D.V. Karlov, М.F. Pichugin, Yu.V. Trofimenko, O.Yu. Chernyvskiy, M.V. Bortsova
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An alternative variant of radio-signals energy detection theory developed on the basis of M. Lomonosov energy conservation law and Bayes unconstrained optimization of statistical decisions is considered. Radio-signal energy detection implies search of a time interval where the total signal-and noise energy against average internal noise energy exceeds the detection threshold with the given qualitative measure. The methods of sequential and parallel radio-signals energy detection at radio frequency for the signals commensurable or lower than the level of radio-receiver internal noise when the influence of external active masking interference is not taken and taken into account are discussed.
Keywords: radio signal, statistical decision, energy, radio frequency
Pevtsov, H.V., Yatsutsenko, A.Ya., Karlov, D.V., Pychuhyn, M.F., Trofymenko, Yu.V., Cherniavskyi, O.Yu. and Bortsova, M.V. (2013), "Razvytye teoryy obnaruzhenyia radyosyhnalov. Osnovы эnerhetycheskoho obnaruzhenyia" [Radio-signals detection theory development. Fundamentals of energy detection], Information Processing Systems, Vol. 8(115), pp. 84-94.