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Analysis methods for solving problems information extraction

M.A. Pavlenko
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Description: One of the key objectives in the development of decision support systems is the synthesis and analysis of text messages. However, the solution of this problem is also needed to identify the required data, the search of new information, the establishment of implicit links, semantic compression and various other tasks. To date, developed a number of methods for processing text messages, allowing to solve problems of this class, however, remain unsolved problem of machine understanding of the text, evaluate its worth, emotional evaluation, and others. The article is an attempt to develop an approach to solving problems related to the information text analysis.

Keywords: text analysis, machine formalization of word processing

 Pavlenko, M.A. (2013), “Analyz metodov reshenyia zadachy yzvlechenyia ynformatsyy yz tekstov” [Analysis methods for solving problems information extraction], Information Processing Systems, Vol. 8(115), pp. 158-162.