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  4. 8(115)'2013
  5. Modern software analysis for automation of lesson scheduling process

Modern software analysis for automation of lesson scheduling process

I.V. Ruban, S.V. Dudenko, Yu.V. Busygin, М.М. Kalmikov, A.A. Trublin
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Description: A main task, which stands both before the Kharkov university of Aircrafts and before other higher soldiery educational establishments of Ukraine MF, is preparation of highly skilled soldiery specialists. Deciding it is possible only at the high-quality planning of educational process, the result of which is an optimum curriculum of employment|, which binds in the singl system various links and elements of educational process and regulates educational work of its participants. Automation of process of scheduling allows to avoid many errors, subjectivism and considerably to shorten time taken on this procedure. The leadthrough of comparative analysis of software products is given by possibility to find out main progress of direction trends and take into account them at development of complex of the programs of the automated system of constructing of curriculum of employments in the Kharkov university of Aircrafts.

Keywords: organization of educational process, curriculum of lessons, criterion of quality, automation, software product

 Ruban, I.V., Dudenko, S.V., Busyhin, Yu.V., Kalmykov, M.M. and Trublin, O.A. (2013), “Analiz suchasnoho prohramnoho zabezpechennia dlia avtomatyzatsii protsesu skladannia rozkladu navchalnykh zaniat” [Modern software analysis for automation of lesson scheduling process], Information Processing Systems, Vol. 8(115), pp. 305-310.