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  4. 9(116)'2013
  5. Entropic scale for determination of measurement results

Entropic scale for determination of measurement results

Yu.S. Kurskoy
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The nonlinear dynamic systems and their dynamic variables as the objects of measurement are considered in the article. The peculiarity of such systems is their ability to change dynamic modes: deterministic, chaotic, random. Metrological approaches and measurement models for characteristics of such systems are researched here. The Shannon entropy is considered as an effective tool for assessing a mode of the measured dynamic variables and a measurement uncertainty. The normalized entropy scale that allows to quantify the degree of organization for researched system is proposed.
Keywords: open non-linear dynamic system, a dynamic variable, measurement uncertainty, Shannon entropy, entropy scale
Kurskoi, Yu.S. (2013), "Эntropyinaia shkala otsenky rezultata yzmerenyi" [Entropic scale for determination of measurement results], Information Processing Systems, Vol. 9(116), pp. 46-50.