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  4. 9(116)'2013
  5. Analysis of characteristics error-correcting codes

Analysis of characteristics error-correcting codes

R.S. Novikov, A.A. Astrakhantsev
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Today there are many different classes noiseimmunity codes that differ from each other structure, functionality, energy efficiency, encoding and decoding algorithms and many other parameters. Today we can speak of a new class of noiseimmunity codes for channels with erasure. Codes of this class can be coded message finite size (file) potentially unlimited stream of independent packages. This property is a new class of codes distinguishes it from classic block or convolutional, noiseimmunity codes with a given speed. When encoding file these codes are also encrypted file data rather than flow. A new class of codes is also called class Fountain Codes (Digital Fountain Codes).
Keywords: error control codes, the probability of decoding, check digit
Novykov, R.S. and Astrakhantsev, A.A. (2013), "Analyz kharakterystyk pomekhoustoichyvыkh kodov" [Analysis of characteristics error-correcting codes], Information Processing Systems, Vol. 9(116), pp. 164-167.