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  5. Procedure fragmentary video compression

Procedure fragmentary video compression

A.V. Zadnepryanskaya, О.N. Kadushkevich, T.A. Kolesnikova
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A procedure fragmentary video compression based on the dynamic component of video compression, eliminating color space conversion, and other well-known methods used in known standard video compression algorithms, and do not affect the quality of the materials. As a practical implementation, on the basis of this method, developed independently compiled software module that is dynamically connected to the main program, which allows further simplifying the use of this method and demonstrating its performance.
Keywords: compression, stream, color spaces, dynamic component, the detection interval
Zadneprianskaia, A.V., Kadushkevych, O.N. and Kolesnykova, T.A. (2014), "Protsedura frahmentarnoho szhatyia vydeoynformatsyy" [Procedure fragmentary video compression], Information Processing Systems, Vol. 1(117), pp. 170-172.