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  4. 2(118)'2014
  5. Problem of local network modernization

Problem of local network modernization

A.N. Klimenko, N.Yu. Lubchenko, Y.V. Boltova
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Description: The article describes a small business distributed computing network. Identified problems of its work and the possibility of upgrading to increase the number of workstations in the network. With the help of mathematical and simulation models are constructed for the original and upgraded the network and, based on the calculations for testing to meet the requirements of the network.

Keywords: distributed computer network, network upgrade, mathematical modeling, simulation modeling

 Klymenko, A.N., Liubchenko, N.Yu. and Boltova, Yu.V. (2014), “Problema modernyzatsyy lokalnoi vыchyslytelnoi sety” [Problem of local network modernization], Information Processing Systems, Vol. 2(118), pp. 168-170.