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  4. 2(118)'2014
  5. Modeling of decision making in tendering

Modeling of decision making in tendering

T.O. Kolpakova
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In this paper there is considered the way of representing tendering process starting from targets setting to a final decision making as a mathematical model. The proposed model provides a clear decomposition of the process, allows to select all tender stages and defines data sets used on each of these stages. Due to the developed model the whole process may be represented as a set of sub-processes and each of them can be optimized independently. The model will be used as the basis for the architecture of decision support system as it allows to build a flexible modular structure of the application.
Keywords: decision support, a mathematical model, tender process
Kolpakova, T.A. (2014), "Modelyrovanye protsessa pryniatyia reshenyi pry provedenyy tenderov" [Modelling of decision making in tendering], Information Processing Systems, Vol. 2(118), pp. 228-232.