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  4. 2(118)'2014
  5. Support system of making decisions in emergencies

Support system of making decisions in emergencies

O.O. Zamirets
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The classification of emergencies and their properties have been held. The factors and possible negative consequences of natural phenomena that cause emergencies have been considered. Hierarchical structure of scenarios of disaster development has been built based on nonparametric criteria by giving the review of time series data analysis methods, Prigogine theorem and synergetic properties of the considered system.
Keywords: emergency, open systems, making decision rules, natural phenomena, synergetics
Zamyrets, O.O. (2014), "Osobennosty postroenyia systemы podderzhky pryniatyia reshenyi v uslovyiakh chrezvыchainыkh sytuatsyi" [Support system of making decisions in emergencies], Information Processing Systems, Vol. 2(118), pp. 273-276.