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  4. 3(119)'2014
  5. Accuracy estimation of the improved method of grids

Accuracy estimation of the improved method of grids

T.V. Barashkova
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The original method of digital differentiation of the approximation of function is synthesized. The method is based on generalize the improved method of grids. The question of accuracy of the obtained solution is examined. The numerical results are presented. The use of overlapping of interpolation intervals allows increasing an accuracy of the solution. The calculation results show that it is possible to adjust the accuracy of the solution either by changing the degree of the interpolation polynomial or with the help of overlapping of intervals.
Keywords: Matrix Equations, Method of Grids, Method of Uncertain Coefficients, measuring uncertainty
Barashkova, T.V. (2014), "Otsenka tochnosty uluchshennoho metoda setok" [Accuracy estimation of the improved method of grids], Information Processing Systems, Vol. 3(119), pp. 18-21.