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  5. Calibration measurer isolation parameters

Calibration measurer isolation parameters

Y.L. Anokhin, R.V. Vendichanskiy, V.V. Kopshyn
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Description: The article is devoted calibration measurer insulation parameters, which are used to measure the dielectric loss tangent and capacity of high insulation with maintenance, repair, commissioning, testing of various power project. A procedure for calibration parameter measurer with insulation measures of capacitance. Shows the processing of measurement results. Examined the main sources of uncertainty in the calibration measurements.

Keywords: capacity, dielectric loss tangent, high voltage insulation, measurer, bridge AC, capacitor, accuracy, measurement uncertainty

 Anokhyn, Yu.L., Vendychanskyi, R.V. and Kopshyn, V.V. (2014), “Kalybrovka yzmerytelia parametrov yzoliatsyy” [Calibration measurer isolation parameters], Information Processing Systems, Vol. 3(119), pp. 79-82.