Health as an object of dimension

Yu.S. Kurskoy
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Description: New metrological model for measurement of human health is discussed in the work. The model is based on the principles of Dynamic chaos, Dynamic systems and Information theories. It is shown that time and Shannon entropy can be used for quantitative evaluation of human organism condition. For this task it is proposed, using normalized external stress, to destabilize an organism and measure its stabilization time. Also it is proposed to measure and analyze a change of entropy value. The measurement model contains: the numerical portrait of human health, time and entropy scales for measurement of human organism condition. Results of this work can be used for diagnosis and treatment of diseases and for the medical support of athletes training.

Keywords: health measurement model, nonlinear dynamic system, Shannon entropy, health numeric portrait, entropy and time lines

 Kurskoi, Yu.S. (2014), “Zdorove kak obъekt yzmerenyia” [Health as an object of dimension], Information Processing Systems, Vol. 3(119), pp. 124-126.