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  5. Effectiveness evaluation criteria distance learning courses

Effectiveness evaluation criteria distance learning courses

I.V. Tereshenko, К.K. Кulagin, A.I. Tereshenko, M.K. Kulagin
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The considered criteria for evaluating the effectiveness of distance learning courses, which take into account the position of the cost of establishing such courses allows to evaluate their effectiveness. It is shown that this criterion allows the complexity and availability of e-learning courses put in correspondence with rational distribution of types of costs when they are created.
Keywords: distance education, system of distance learning, criterion of efficiency of distance learning, creation costs of distance learning courses
Tereshchenko, I.V., Kulahin, K.K., Tereshchenko, A.I. and Kulahin, M.K. (2014), "Kryterii otsinky efektyvnosti kursiv dystantsiinoho navchannia" [Effectiveness evaluation criteria distance learning courses], Information Processing Systems, Vol. 4(120), pp. 227-230.