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  4. 5(121)'2014
  5. Distributed methods of discrete-event system simulation

Distributed methods of discrete-event system simulation

D.A. Havrysh, S.N. Sarancha
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Description: In the article methods of the discrete-event system distributed simulation have been considered. In order to reproduce behavior of the digital electronic device we can use discrete-event system (DES) simulation. DES representation of the hardware described by VHDL or Verilog has been considered as well. Special attention is paid to the definition of prospects of improving simulation algorithms.

Keywords: discrete-event system, distributed simulation

 Havrysh, D.A. and Sarancha, S.N. (2014), “Metodы raspredelennoho modelyrovanyia dyskretno-sobыtyinыkh system” [Distributed methods of discrete-event system simulation], Information Processing Systems, Vol. 5(121), pp. 17-23.