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  4. 5(121)'2014
  5. Immunity of middle identification systems

Immunity of middle identification systems

I.I. Obod, I.V. Svyd, I.A. SHtyh
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Description: The article provides an analysis of immunity melee radio systems that are designed to identify objects on the basis of "the - another" and use wideband signals in the quality of the request and response signals. It is shown that the creation of electronic identification system action of the neighbor on the principles of queuing systems with failures can not be attributed to any pastpomehoustoy chivym nor noise immunity.

Keywords: immunity, identification systems, request signals

 Obod, I.I., Svyd, I.V. and Shtykh, I.A. (2014), “Zavadozakhyshchenist identyfikatsiinykh system blyzhnoi dii” [Immunity of middle identification systems], Information Processing Systems, Vol. 5(121), pp. 77-79.