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  5. Method for establishing reduce uncertainty verbl scale

Method for establishing reduce uncertainty verbl scale

N.А. Yaremchuk, О.Yu. Redyoga
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Description: A method of reducing uncertainty verbal numeric scale for complex (integral) quality indicators , which are used in determining aggregation (association) individual quality indicators presented in verbal and numerical scales. The proposed method is based on the following statements unitization : OWA - for verbal scale and media Walsh - for numeric . Criterion to reduce uncertainty is to reduce the variance matrix correspondence between numerical and verbal scales.

Keywords: verbal numeric scale, matrix correspondence

 Yaremchuk, N.A. and Redёha, O.Yu. (2014), “Sposob umenshenyia neopredelennosty ustanovlenyia verbalno-chyslovыkh shkal” [Method for establishing reduce uncertainty verbal scale], Information Processing Systems, Vol. 5(121), pp. 104-108.