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  4. 5(121)'2014
  5. Domain-specific diagram language grammar definition method

Domain-specific diagram language grammar definition method

N.G. Keberle, D.V. Chesanovsky
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Description: Ability to create syntactically correct diagrams using some domain-specific diagram language is achieved either procedurally – via embedding of syntax checking means into the visual editors, or declaratively - defining a domain-specific diagram language grammar. The paper introduces one method of declarative definition of domain-specific diagram grammar. Shown is the applicability of the method to the language of ER diagrams.

Keywords: diagram, domain-specific diagram language, context-free grammar, syntax analyzer

 Keberle, N.H. and Chesanovskyi, D.V. (2014), “Metod vyznachennia hramatyky problemno-oriientovanoi movy diahram” [Domain-specific diagram language grammar definition method], Information Processing Systems, Vol. 5(121), pp. 112-116.