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  4. 5(121)'2014
  5. Decision support system for company investment policy formation

Decision support system for company investment policy formation

V.V. Moskalenko, T.V. Zakharova, K.A. Lapko
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Description: Decision support system for Company investment policy formation is considered. The description of the system algorithmic module and software solution is carried out. The general algorithm of policy formation which performs iterative multistage procedure is offered. The components of the general algorithm are the algorithm of evaluation of the investment attractiveness of branches of the economics based on expert methods and the algorithm of portfolio construction based on genetic algorithm. Functionality and structure of software solution which implements decision support system for policy formation are presented.

Keywords: investment policy, hierarchy, branch of economics, investment portfolio

 Moskalenko, V.V., Zakharova, T.V. and Lapko, K.A. (2014), “Systema pidtrymky pryiniattia rishen po formuvanniu investytsiinoi polityky kompanii” [Decision support system for company investment policy formation], Information Processing Systems, Vol. 5(121), pp. 152-158.