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  4. 6(122)'2014
  5. Efficiency of unmanned aerial vehicle’s group flights

Efficiency of unmanned aerial vehicle’s group flights

D.I. Bondarev, T.R. Jafarzade, A.N. Kozub
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This article offers an analysis of options for constructing structures groups of UAVs in the performance of collective tasks. Found that the basis for constructing them in a network structure, which is characteristic for multi-user information systems. We also consider the construction of the internal architecture of a Group provides tasks for other purposes. , A generalized indicator of quality monitoring system whose components are the delay, loss, completeness and accuracy of information, analyzes their impact on the performance of the system depending on the hardware implementation.
Keywords: unmanned aircraft vehicle, the human operator, unmanned aircraft systems, formation flight, neural network, database, network topology
Bondariev, D.I., Dzhafarzade, R.T. and Kozub, A.M. (2014), "Efektyvnist hrupovykh polotiv bezpilotnykh litalnykh aparativ" [Efficiency of unmanned aerial vehicle’s group flights], Information Processing Systems, Vol. 6(122), pp. 9-14.