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Program systems design automation technologies

D.B. Elchaninov, N.S. Kosilo, N.V. Belova
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The method of automation of process of the analysis of the specification on the basis of technology of parse of the text is developed. Relationship between the text description of the specification, its syntax tree and actors, objects and messages of UML sequence diagram is shown. The basic concepts of the genetic algorithms theory (a gene; genotype; population; target function; operators of selection, transposition, mutation and reduction; criteria of break) are adapted to automation of creation of these diagrams.
Keywords: program systems, design automation, parse, genetic algorithms, UML
Yelchaninov, D.B., Kosilo, M.S. and Bielova, N.V. (2014), "Tekhnolohii avtomatyzatsii proektuvannia prohramnykh system" [Program systems design automation technologies], Information Processing Systems, Vol. 6(122), pp. 135-140.