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  4. 6(122)'2014
  5. Research models and methods of biometric control traffic

Research models and methods of biometric control traffic

D.V. Aleksandrovych, A.L. Yerokhin
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Different authentication methods of a person are analyzed: verification and identification and authentication technologies: by fingerprints, by the pattern of the iris, by a face (2D and 3D recognition), by the veins of hands, by the retina, by the geometry of hands. The advantages and disadvantages of each technology are listed in the article. In conclusion comparative characteristics of biometric systems of monitoring attendance, working on different technologies and recommendations for the selection of technologies for enterprises with different number of employees and safety requirements are presented.
Keywords: biometrics, verification, identification, recognition
Aleksandrovych, D.V. and Erokhyn, A.L. (2014), "Yssledovanye modelei y metodov byometrycheskoho kontrolia poseshchaemosty" [Research models and methods of biometric control traffic], Information Processing Systems, Vol. 6(122), pp. 157-162.