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  4. 6(122)'2014
  5. Control algorithm multifunctional prosthetic arm

Control algorithm multifunctional prosthetic arm

A.A. Chernyshev, N.P. Mustetsov
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An algorithm for management bioelectric prosthesis hands on three pairs of movements. The proposed algorithm consistently manages functions such as: Tong-disclosure brush; pronation-supination of the hand; flexion-extension of the elbow.
Keywords: bioelectric prosthesis, supination brush electromyogram management
Chernыshev, A.A. and Mustetsov, N.P. (2014), "Alhorytm upravlenyia mnohofunktsyonalnыm protezom ruky" [Control algorithm multifunctional prosthetic arm], Information Processing Systems, Vol. 6(122), pp. 167-172.