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  4. 7(123)'2014
  5. Мathematical model of speech information output

Мathematical model of speech information output

O.V. Azarenko, Yu.Yu. Goncharenko, M.M. Divizinyuk
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It is shown that the efficiency of speech information output in special circumstances determined by the specific physical and geographical factors, which include the vertical sound velocity distribution, terrain, the nature of the underlying surface, and other, is described with the help of Radon integral equations.
Keywords: mathematical model, an acoustic signal, speech information, sound
Azarenko, E.V., Honcharenko, Yu.Yu. and Dyvyzyniuk, M.M. (2014), "Matematycheskaia model sъema rechevoi ynformatsyy" , Information Processing Systems, Vol. 7(123), pp. 14-17.