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  4. 7(123)'2014
  5. On acoustic comfort of small roadside hotels

On acoustic comfort of small roadside hotels

S.G. Kotenko
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In this article problems are described that may arise during the design, construction and operation of hotels located in the area with high noise levels. The issues of building acoustics and sound insulation, as well as methods to protect the surrounding area from the noise generated by traffic are considered for the typical case. The methods are proposed for protection from the noise associated with: traffic flow (noise barriers), building equipment operation (ventilation, sanitation, and others), soundamplifying equipment operation (during celebrations in the banquet hall), human activity, etc.
Keywords: acoustic ecology, sound, regulatory framework, noise barriers
Kotenko, S.H. (2014), "Pro akustychnyi komfort malykh prydorozhnikh hoteliv" , Information Processing Systems, Vol. 7(123), pp. 32-40.