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  5. Computer processing method for digital airphotos

Computer processing method for digital airphotos

А.А. Shamraev, E.O. Shamraeva, O.B. Dudinova
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The given work is devoted to developing the processing methods for color digital cartographic images aimed at their quality improvement. Quality improvement reaches due to changes in the luminance of image's component in HSI color space by gamma correction. Input and output data are expressed in the color space RGB. The proposed method can be used for the processing of low-quality aerial photos.
Keywords: cartographic image, gamma-correction, HSI and RGB color spaces
Shamraev, A.A., Shamraeva, E.O. and Dudynova, O.B. (2014), "Metod kompiuternoi obrabotky tsyfrovыkh aэrofotosnymkov" , Information Processing Systems, Vol. 7(123), pp. 109-112.