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  4. 7(123)'2014
  5. Method of estimation of through-valve leakage

Method of estimation of through-valve leakage

S.A. Kozeruk, К.P. Pylypenko
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The new method of estimation of through-valve leakage based on statistic properties of acoustic signal is presented. Analytical dependence of the value of the leakage on the pressure in the pipeline and the probabilistic characteristics of the signal were constructed based on experimental data using regression model. As a criterion of the quality of the obtained models the coefficient of determination was used. Estimation error of the leakage obtained on a test set of signals was 14...16%.
Keywords: coefficient, probability distribution, loss control, regression mobel
Kozeruk, S.A. and Pylypenko, K.P. (2014), "Metod otsenky utechek vodы cherez uzlы zatvornoi armaturы truboprovoda" , Information Processing Systems, Vol. 7(123), pp. 132-136.