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  4. 8(124)'2014
  5. Analysis of computer vision systems of modern cars

Analysis of computer vision systems of modern cars

M.V. Sindyeyev
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Description: The article gives a review of how to use cameras in a modern car, the methods of their use in the management of the individual modules of the vehicle. The existing intelligent systems, widely used in cars. It also describes the key principles of such systems and their physical justification and development trends .Is a list of international manufacturers, implementing such intelligent systems in their products.

Keywords: car, video camera, unmanned car, automatic parking attendant, night vision system, an intelligent system

Sindeev, M.V. (2014), “Analiz kompiuternykh sistem tekhnicheskogo zreniia sovremennykh avtomobilei”, Information Processing Systems, Vol. 8(124), pp. 41-45.