Features of modern information war

V.K. Medvedev, Yu.F. Kucherenko, O.M. Guz'ko
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Description: In the article basic lines and methodological bases of prosecution of modern informative war are examined and its basic constituents are resulted. It is rotined that in modern informative war main facilities of its conduct are air facilities of the informative providing of leadthrough of operations and battle actions. The basic ways of development of air facilities of prosecution of informative war and direction of their battle application are certain, due to creation of the computer-integrated system of facilities of prosecution of informative war. Study of the indicated circumstances and consideration them in intercommunication will allow to carry out development of perspective methods of defence it informatively technical and social systems from the informative weapon of opponent and will provide послабление of his informative influence at the prosecution of informative war.

Keywords: informative war, informative opposing, facilities of informative war, informative weapon, control the system, telecommunication network

 Medvediev, V.K., Kucherenko, Yu.F. and Huzko, R.M. (2008), “Suchasna informatsiina viina ta yii obrys”, Systems of Arms and Military Equipment, No. 1(13), pp. 52-54.