User interface development stages

V.Ye. Sylantiev
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Interface is a system of rules and means of regulating and providing interaction of several processes or objects. User Interface (UI) – a system of rules and means of regulating and providing interaction with the user program. Typical UI has input and output devices. After receiving a command from the user, the interface is "responsible" to him, bringing all sorts of information. Presentation of information implies the choice of format, medium, structure, composition and visual techniques. Based on strategies for developing the user interface, the following stages of work on the UX-project. Before beginning work on the project, goals and objectives are formed taking into account all features of the product. The next point is the analysis of the desired target audience and that will have access to the site. Based on the first two parameters considering options possible interaction with the calculation to best meet the demand of consumers and the company's objectives. Already, on this basis, is projected structure of the product and its appearance. UX / UI design helps make the application more comfortable for the user.
Keywords: interface, usability, prototyping, design, user, product, use case
Sylantev, V.E. (2014), "Эtapы proektyrovanyia polzovatelskoho ynterfeisa" , Information Processing Systems, Vol. 9(125), pp. 143-148.